9/20/23 – Special Update for Providers listed with ERDC

Employment Related Day Care is working better for families.  

In the past two years, Oregon has changed the ERDC program to make it better for families. Eligibility expansions and program improvements mean more families are using ERDC. ERDC grew by 52% from July 2021 to June 2023, with thousands of families joining the program since the end of June.  This shows that changes like lower co-pays and enrollment-based pay are working.  

Program funding is limited, which means Oregon must open a waitlist for new families applying to ERDC after November 3, 2023

 ERDC gets a budget of state and federal funds every two years from the Oregon Legislature. That budget does not change when more families join the program. The rise in ERDC cases means more families are benefiting from ERDC. It also means there is not enough program funding to support ERDC’s growth. To slow down growth, Oregon will create a waitlist for new families applying for ERDC. The waitlist will take effect after November 3, 2023. Families already getting ERDC will not be affected by the waitlist.  

Some families can skip the waitlist.

Families with specific needs outlined in Oregon rule can still enroll in ERDC after Nov. 3, 2023, including: 

  • Families getting Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) 
  • Families getting Temporary Assistance for Domestic Violence Survivors (TA-DVS) 
  • Families who had TANF or TA-DVS within 3 months of applying for ERDC
  • Families referred by the Child Welfare division of the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) 
  • Families whose ERDC ended within 2 months of reapplying 

The waitlist will not impact families who already have ERDC but haven’t chosen a provider.  

You can support families during this change. 

Here are a few things to consider: 

  1. You can help families getting ERDC by reminding them to renew timely. Families can renew 45 days before their eligibility period ends.  
  2. If you know of a family that could qualify for ERDC, urge them to apply before 11:59PM November 3, 2023.  
  3. If you know a family that has ERDC but hasn’t chosen a provider, encourage them to call 211 or text their zip code to 898211.