September 15, 2023 | Child Care Update

IN THIS ISSUE: September Provider Information Sessions; Staying safe during wildfire season; we are looking for Rule Advisory Committee members; the Early Learning Council is recruiting; and the Early Childhood Suspension and Expulsion Prevention Program (ECSEPP) needs Regional Service Providers. 

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September Provider Information Sessions

Wednesday, September 20 
All provider types. (Interpretation available) 
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Thursday, September 21 
All provider types. (Conducted in Spanish) 
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  • Department of Early Learning and Care (DELC) Launch 
  • Employment Related Day Care (ERDC) Updates  
  • Agency and Program Updates 

Staying safe during wildfire season 

Wildfire season means the air quality might create unsafe situations for young children. It’s important to know what the air quality index means for those most at-risk and how to stay safe.  

To learn more about your local areas air quality visit 

Did you know… 

  • Children aged 0-4 are one of the most smoke-sensitive groups in our communities, due to their still developing lungs.  
  • Children in this age group with chronic heart and lung disease are even more susceptible to the negative health effects of wildfire smoke.  
  • Protective N95respirators, unfortunately, don’t fit this age group well enough to protect them. So, we don’t have many tools for protecting kiddos outdoors. 

The graphic below can be used as some general guidance for all outdoor activities and is shared by our partners at the Oregon Health Authority.  

You can find more wildfire public health guidance by visiting the Oregon Health Authority website.

Give us your feedback. Join our Rules Advisory Committee! 

The Child Care Licensing Division (CCLD) will create a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) to gather valuable feedback on a new rule set that will apply to all child care facilities. This rule set is known as “General Rules for All Child Care Facilities”.  

The application deadline is September 22, 2023.  

You will be compensated for your time!   
There will be three RAC Meetings. Each meeting will be 90 minutes long.  

The selected group will be polled for the best meeting dates.  

DELC would like to invite members of the following groups to apply to participate in the RAC: 

  • Subsidized Child Care Providers 
  • Registered Family Child Care Providers 
  • Certified Family Child Care Providers 
  • Representatives from child care provider unions 
  • Child Care Center Directors/Representatives  
  • School Age Center Program Coordinators and Program Leaders 
  • Parents/family members of children in programs 
  • Early Learning Hub representatives  
  • Tribal Nation representatives 
  • Representatives from culturally specific organizations  
  • Child Care Resource & Referral representatives 

For more details visit the DELC rule making page General Rules for All Child Care Facilities Committee section. [] 

Or visit the application in your preferred language and apply now: 

Apply in English: 

Aplicación en español: 

Приложение на русском языке: 


Ứng dụng bằng tiếng Việt: 

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The Early Childhood Suspension and Expulsion Prevention Program (ECSEPP) extended its deadline for regional service provider applications. 

The deadline to apply to for the ECSEPP regional service provider grant has been extended from September 15 to October 6. 

What is a Regional Service Provider?  

A Regional Service Provider is an organization that provides Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) services to Early Care and Education Providers and coordinates IECMHC services with other early childhood technical assistance providers, to promote Early Care and Education Provider access to resources, training, and other technical assistance opportunities. 

Applicants can choose from two options when applying to become a Regional Service Provider. 

Option 1 (Planning Grant): 

Applicants who are interested but may need time for planning can apply for a planning grant

Option 2 (Implementation Grant):  
Applicants who believe they are ready to begin implementation of equity-centered Infant and early childhood mental health consultations have can apply for an implementation grant.  

Prior experience implementing Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation is NOT required! 

Apply and review the requirements for becoming a regional service provider today!


  • The Early Learning Council is looking for five new members to shape early childhood policy in Oregon and we need your help in getting the word out! These positions are appointed by Governor Kotek and individuals who are interested are encouraged to apply. This Council ensures that our state-funded early childhood programs and investments are coordinated in a way that is accessible to children and families. We hope you’ll consider either applying yourself or sharing this with individuals who may be interested. Read more about this opportunity …