Community Action Helps Mom Start Child Care Center

Child Care Resource and Referral from Community Action in Hillsboro recently received a letter of appreciation from Norma, a working mom who successfully started a child care business in 2012. She took advantage of classes and guidance offered through Community Action and became registered and licensed.

Norma used what she learned to turn the first floor of her house into a safe and enriching environment for children. She created a library area, a space for writing and art, a dramatic play area, and an area with various objects that children can touch and move around to help them learn.

Norma happily describes the surprise of a parent when their 3-year-old recited the days of the week. The days of the week are part of Norma’s daily circle time with the children.

Since the creation of her child care business, Norma has continued receiving support and guidance from Community Action. In October 2016, she received her three stars for the Quality Rating Improvement System (QRIS).

“The whole team was with me at all times, solving my doubts and supporting me with classes to meet the standards that were required to be able to get my three stars,” she said.

In June 2017, Norma started working on the QRIS portfolio again and has submitted the application for her four stars.

In a letter to Community Action, she wrote, “many, many infinite thank you’s for all the support … I’m very blessed because in my community there are people like you. Because it’s not only the work you perform, it’s the quality with which you perform it, and this can only be done by people who love the work they do! And that’s all of you!!!”

Norma is very happy with the success of her business. She is truly grateful for how Community Action has made her a better parent. She has a deeper understanding of child development, of the different ways children learn, and of the importance of modeling behavior. She finds that this makes her more effective with her own children. And for Norma, this is the true reward.

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