April 13, 2022 | Child Care Update


Note: If your program does NOT operate in or at a school facility, you can disregard this notice.

In the Early Learning Division’s April update to the COVID-19 Child Care Provider Requirements and Recommendations, changes stated that staff and volunteers of school-based programs would need to be “up to date” on vaccinations, rather than “fully” vaccinated as required via Oregon Health Authority OAR 333-019-1030.

Staff and volunteers of school-based programs are not required to be boosted (“up to date”) as stated in the guidance document.

Staff and volunteers ARE required to be fully vaccinated. “Fully vaccinated” means having received both doses of a two-dose COVID-19 vaccine or one dose of a single-dose COVID-19 vaccine and at least 14 days have passed since the individual’s final dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

The language in the guidance document should read:

“School-based program child care vaccination requirement:

School-based programs, as described above, must ensure that all staff and volunteers age 16 and older who enter the program are fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • Staff and volunteers may not teach, work, learn, assist, observe, or volunteer at a program unless they are fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccinations or have provided documentation of a medical or religious exception.”

We appreciate programs’ understanding, and apologize for any confusion. Please contact your licensing specialist with any questions.

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