Safe Summer Learning for Oregon Families

The Early Learning Division values and supports access to safe, affordable summer learning activities for Oregon’s children, youth, and families. Through a partnership with the Oregon Alliance of YMCAs, the state will distribute $10 million in funds to 165 grantees who provide youth overnight and day camp during the COVID-19 crisis.

These funds will be critical to helping camp providers in nearly every county implement COVID-19 safety and health practices. Oregon’s investment also addresses barriers many children and families face to accessing and participating in camp programs. Organizations who care for underserved groups[1] were prioritized in the distribution of funds. In 2019, these grantees provided nearly $3.7 million in financial assistance through full or partial scholarships for low-income youth and their families. This funding will allow camps to continue and expand financial assistance opportunities.

Awards are currently being announced. Children and families throughout the state will soon experience the academic, social, and community-based benefits of 2021 summer camp programs.

[1] Underserved youth (including youth in poverty), BIPOC youth, migrant youth, refugee and/or immigrant youth, English language learners, youth experiencing homelessness, youth in foster care, LGBTQ youth, youth involved in the criminal justice system, and youth with disabilities (including physical, developmental, and/or intellectual disabilities; or special health care needs).