Race to the Top Preschool Development Grant

The purpose of the grant is to expand high-quality preschool programs, through comprehensive services and family engagement, for preschool-aged children from families at or below 200% of the Federal poverty line. Oregon is eligible for an expansion grant for up to $15 million in the first year of the grant in order to:

  •  Implement and sustain high-quality preschool programs to reach and serve additional eligible children in two or more high-need communities;
  • Enhance preschool program infrastructure and make quality improvements to deliver high-quality preschool programs;
  • and, deliver high-quality preschool programs through a mixed-delivery system of providers that includes schools, licensed child care centers, Head Start programs, and community-based organizations.

A team is working on drafting this grant application and coordinating with the specific regions that have been asked to participate. Read more: Preschool Development Grant – Criteria Regions.